"Having a dog makes you inflexible in reaching out with people. They depend on you, but I like it. It builds a good discipline about who you are. If anything it makes me more efficient with my time. I think, “Okay I have to take care of Shasa, so I have two hours.”

"She’s the third member of our family for sure. But just like in any dynamic of people, you get enough of someone or something, or sometimes you’re just overwhelmed. I think that works well with Elise and I. If one of us is overwhelmed or she’s being really bad on the leash, or for some reason you just can’t deal with it, the other one just says 'Okay, I’ll take her.' I think that’s the worst case example of Shasa though. She’s pretty exceptional."

"I would go back to school, but it would be for an MBA, a business minded degree, because I think I found my niche in sales. I like that you get paid what you work for. You’re always respondent to people who need you though, and you’re never fully turned off. On my honeymoon I had to work like, half an hour a day. Elise understood and it was necessary and it lead to good outcomes, but you can’t ever really get away."

"What we want out of a job is very different than what people wanted back then. We want the flexibility, but back then they wanted the stability. It might be different, too, for the next generation. 'Oh, how many vacation days do you get?' 'Oh well we don’t care about that, it’s all about the free likes you get on your social media!'"

"One thing I’m very proud about but doesn’t get truly reflected day to day is how diverse I’ve been with my upbringing and where I’m from. A lot of people look at me and think I’m Canadian, but half of my 26 years have been spent abroad in third world countries. I grew up as an international kid with people from other countries. But sometimes when I see others around me interact - I don’t know how to define it - but there's just something Canadian that I don’t have that everyone else has. I always wondered what it was."

"I feel people are more easy going than I am. Maybe it’s just the west coast mentality specifically. I’m not 'not easy going', but I definitely am less so than the average person that’s from here. For example, if we were meeting at 4:30 today, along the way to 4:30, we talked, 'Are you biking or driving, do you want to do this first, do you want to go for coffee?' And to some people that’s not easygoing."

"It’s much less awkward to take photos with your friend."