Attendees at General Assembly chat and enjoy Gray's art.
A man inspects Gray's sketches on the wall at Alidade on Friday evening.
Video footage of Gray's trip to the West Coast plays while guests explore Gray's work in the next room.
Guests enjoy refreshments as they mingle and disucss Gray's sketches on the wall of General Assembly.
A guest at Alidade on Friday night reads the accompanying map for Gray's work.
A close-up look at the sketches that make up Gray's artwork at her show, Alidade on Friday night.
Guests navigate art on the wall at Alidade on Friday night.
A map that guides guests through the panorama sketch on the wall at Gray's Alidade exhibit.
The artist behind Alidade, Rachel Gray, in front of her panoramic sketch.
The non-descript entrance to Rachel Gray's Alidade exhibit invites guests to explore.
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