Environmental activist Greta Thunberg stands alongside Indigenous activists at the head of the Montréal Climate Strike. (Montréal, QC. Sept. 27, 2019)

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau walks alongside his family and media team in Montréal's Climate Strike. (Montréal, QC. Sept. 27, 2019)

Federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh speaks to the media on Parliament Hill. (Ottawa, ON. Nov. 6, 2018)

D-NY Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez addresses a crowd at the final Green New Deal tour stop. (Washington, DC. May 13, 2019)

Federal Green Party Leader Elizabeth May poses with a protester at the Montréal climate strike. (Montréal, QC. Sept. 27, 2019)

Garth Mullins, host of the podcast Crackdown, records audio for an episode. (Vancouver, BC. July 1, 2019)

A man sets fireworks on New Years Eve during the only day of the year that fireworks are legal in the Netherlands. (Eindhoven, The Netherlands. January 1, 2020)

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